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MessageSujet: [Interview] Nikolaj Coster-Waldau   [Interview] Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Empty1/9/2018, 14:45

Bon j'ai pas suivi l'actualité sur le tournage de la saison 8, mais je viens de lire une interview intéressante de NCW. Il y parle un peu du tournage mais le plus intéressant, c'est son avis sur la relation Jaime/Cersei et en particulier leur dernière scène.

Citation :

In my mind, after Season 6 ― which ends with Jaime coming back [to King’s Landing] and seeing Cersei on the throne ― I imagined a lot of other things happening…Dan and David have always played the long game the way they stretch things out, so when you get the payoff it really pays off. And we had a lot of almost heated discussions about how I was going to get to that point [with Cersei]. Like, [I asked], ‘Why don’t they discuss in depth the death of their son [Tommen]?’ And they told me, ‘Well they do, but we don’t see that.’ So all those things. It’s so much fun and difficult, and it’s also very frustrating. But then when you finally find your way, it’s very rewarding. For me, anyway.

What I’m saying though, is I thought that end scene in Season 7 would have happened before. For me, playing Jaime, when he gets to that point, it really was ‘finally!’ Finally he says no. Finally he stands up to her. It was such a brutal scene because they’re playing two different games: Cersei’s playing the game of thrones and Jaime’s playing the honest game of survival, and trying to accommodate both his sister and his brother.

Comme quoi, il partageait le point de vue de nombreux d'entre nous plutôt que celui de D&D Wink
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[Interview] Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
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